Monday, 8 September 2008

SMWS 93.30 (Glen Scotia 16 yo 1992/2008)

SMWS 93.30 (Glen Scotia 16 yo 1992/2008)

2008, SMWS
Single malt - Campbeltown
64.5% ABV

Nose: Tar, sea salt, lemons, pears, sandalwood, hints of peat, hints of incense.
Mouthfeel: Light body, hot, volatile, foggy.
Tasting: Bitter. Sandalwood, rattan, chocolate, celery, pears, hints of bitter gourd, hints of incense.
Finish: Medium Pears, sandalwood, lemons.


It's scarily drinkable at 64%. The high alcohol content ensures the whisky evaporates in the warmth of the mouth, releasing many wood odours. I don't mean oaky whisky - this one tastes fragrant and woody. It's challenging. The folks at the SMWS labelled this "Liquid Courage".


I like this.

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