Saturday, 13 September 2008

Glen Ord 12 yo

Glen Ord 12 yo

Official bottling

Single malt - North Highlands
43% ABV

Nose: Peat, butter, oranges, pears, raisins, oak, hints of smoke, hints of tyre rubber.
Light body, very volatile, foggy.
Tasting: Sweet sour. Oranges, peat, lemons, balsamic vinegar, brine, sherry, hints of metal polish.
Finish: Medium. Salty, lemons, brine.


Very light body, almost insubstantial in the mouth, despite the low-ish alcohol percentage. Some very salty notes in the taste, combined with something metallic and chemical. Preserved Moroccan lemons in the finish, although not quite as well-combined as with some other whiskies.


I like this.

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