Sunday, 31 August 2008

Lagavulin 1991 Distiller's Edition (1991/2007)

Lagavulin 1991 Distiller's Edition (1991/2007)

Official bottling

Single malt - Islay
43% ABV

Nose: Smoke, peat, butter, vanilla, cream, plums, hints of apple, hints of leather.
Mouthfeel: Medium body, slightly syrupy, smooth and unctuous.
Tasting: Bitter sweet. Peat, smoke, sweet cider, vanilla, raisins, hints of sea salt, hints of polished wood.
Finish: Medium. Buttercups, orchids, peat, bitter gourd.


Partly matured in Pedro Ximenez casks, long enough to take on some of the sweetness from the sugar-bomb sherry. Quite delicious. Smoke and sugar make an excellent combination. Compared to the 16 yo, a lot less aggressive and raw. The extra sweetness really rounds out the whisky and brings out some of the more peaty notes which would have been lost in the clouds of smoke.


I like this a lot.

1 comment:

Jarmo said...

me too like!

Seems a bit darker than normal 16 yo. And as you say, the sweetness rounds the edges nicely. Very easy to drink!


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