Thursday, 7 August 2008

Glen Scotia 12 yo

Glen Scotia 12 yo

Official bottling

Single malt - Campbeltown
40% ABV

Nose: Orange blossom honey, malty beer, clotted cream, salted butter, hints of Greek yoghurt.
Mouthfeel: Medium body, thickens in the mouth, egg white consistency.
Tasting: Sour bitter. Clotted cream, dried oats, grapefruit, hints of lilies, hints of yoghurt covered raisins.
Finish: Short. Walnut skins, iodine, grapefruit.


Lots of "ghost" flavours in this one. The nose is redolent of honey, clotted cream and other assorted dairy products. The salted butter could well be salted caramel. But the taste is curiously bitter and cereally, albeit slightly floral. No sign of the sweet honey flavours that he nose promised at all. Must be quite popular this - the Whisky Exchange is sold out!


I like this.

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