Thursday, 14 August 2008

SMWS 76.57 (Mortlach 8 yo 1999/2008)

SMWS 76.57 (Mortlach 8 yo 1999/2008)

2008, SMWS

Single malt - Speyside
Light gold
60.2% ABV

Nose: Big alcohol prickle, lemons, barley sugar, marigolds, osmanthus, honey.
Mouthfeel: Light body, watery, thin, smooth.
Tasting: Salty sweet. Sour plums, lemons, tamarind, prunes, hints of butter, hints of oats, hints of sandalwood.
Finish: Short. Salt, Moroccan preserved lemons, prunes, honey.


Excellent whisky! Loads of salty sweet flavours - sour plums, tamarind powder (the stuff they sprinkle on guava in Malaysia) buttered prunes, etc etc. Light and floral, perfect to end a dramming session. Young Mortlach is very different from old Mortlach. If it's all like this, Diageo should really bottle the younger stuff instead of the Flora & Fauna 16 yo.


I like this a lot!

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