Friday, 9 January 2015

SMWS 41.62 (Dailuaine 11 yo 2003/2014)

SMWS 41.62 (Dailuaine 11 yo 2003/2014)

2015, SMWS
Single malt - Speyside
Light gold
61.4% ABV

Nose: Bananas, vanilla, lemon curd, oats, cream, pears, butter biscuits, hints of brown sugar.
Mouthfeel: Light  body, thickens, airy, slightly fizzy.
Tasting: Sweet sour. Bananas, oats, butter biscuits, lemon curd, dried cherries, freshly baked bread, hints of vanilla.
Finish: Medium. Dried cherries, butter biscuits, bananas, freshly baked bread.


Very buttery, which manifests itself in all sorts of interesting notes. There's lemon curd, baked butter (in the form of butter biscuits, and maybe fresh buttered toast (the bread's certainly there). That overlays a lot of fruit and milky, creamy notes. Good whisky, though not spectacular.


I like this.

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