Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Miyagikyo 2002 Single Cask #101127

Miyagikyo 2002 Single Cask #101127

Official bottling
Single malt - East Honshu
Pale yellow
62% ABV

Nose: Red apples, green apples, orange peel, clementines, kiwi fruit, honey. With water, sweeter, more red apples, peaches, vanilla.
Mouthfeel: Light body, thickens, spicy, tingly.
Tasting: Bitter sweet. Red apples, green apples, kiwi fruit, ginseng, chillies, honey, hints of oats. With water, sweeter, malted grains, peaches, vanilla, more red apples.
Finish: Medium. Green apples, ginseng, orange peel, kiwi fruit, hints of dark chocolate. With water, vanilla.


Fruity and rich, with an alluring chilli heat on the tongue. But that's due to its high strength, once water is added the whisky calms down. It's sweeter and fruitier, and gentle too - much more like the Miyagikyo I know. I wouldn't describe Miyagikyo as 'feminine' (I know, some whisky writers do), but it's certainly a gentler, easier to drink single malt compared to, say, Yoichi or Yamazaki.


I like this a lot.

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