Thursday, 8 January 2015

Spirit of Hven Seven Stars No 2 Merak

Spirit of Hven Seven Stars No 2 Merak

Official bottling
Single malt - Scania
45% ABV

Nose: Smoke, peat, leather, grilled meat, lemon zest, thyme, mint, orange blossom.
Mouthfeel: Heavy body, thickens, chewy, oily, syrupy.
Tasting: Bitter sour. Liquorice, orange blossom, lemon zest, thyme, peat, black pepper, hints of ginger.
Finish: Short. Smoke, peat, tobacco leaf, leather, hints of ginger.


Rather herbal and harsh-tasting, spicy on the tongue. It's not a gentle whisky by any means. But the herbal flavours are well defined, and the smoke and peat leave a glorious mouthfeel and a punchy, flavourful finish. This is good, if unusual whisky.


I like this.

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