Friday, 5 February 2016

SMWS B4.1 (FEW 3 yo 2012/2016)

SMWS B4.1 (FEW 3 yo 2012/2016)

2016, SMWS
Single bourbon - Illinois
English breakfast tea
62.6% ABV

Nose: Dried mangoes, red grapes, black peppers, blackcurrants, cola nuts, liquorice. With water, strawberries, bubble gum, pears. 
Mouthfeel: Heavy body, sticky, tingly, thickens. 
Tasting:  Sweet. Blackcurrants, dried mangoes, chillies, cola nuts, dandelion and burdock. With water, less spicy, pears, bubble gum, bananas, brown paper. 
Finish: Medium. Dandelion and burdock, dried mango, ginseng, hints of bananas. 


Whew! Cask strength bourbon is really something, and you do need to dilute it a little. But clearly when you make bourbon 40%, it loses something. This little whisky shows why. It's intensely fruity and spicy, and doesn't show any of the usual banana notes until some water goes in.


I like this.

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