Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Kavalan Solist Bourbon Cask B091002018A

Kavalan Solist Bourbon Cask B091002018A

Official bottling
Single malt - North Taiwan
Light amber
57.8% ABV

Nose: Roses, strawberries, raspberries, honey, vanilla, hints of apples. With water, oranges, lemons, more honey. 
Mouthfeel: Medium body, slippery, thickens slightly. 
Tasting:  Bitter sweet. Fresh baked bread, apples, vanilla, blackcurrants, honey, hints of red grapes. With water, vanilla, toast, cookie dough, fresh baked bread, white grapes. 
Finish: Medium. Black tea, red grapes, apples, vanilla, hints of cinnamon. 


I may have erred. I bought a bottle of the Solist Sherry Cask recently, but maybe I should have bought a bottle of this instead. It's disarmingly good, with lots of fruit and floral fragrance. With water, it turns sweeter, opening up, and the red grapes turns to white grapes, maybe even a little tannic. Excellent whisky.


I like this a lot.

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