Friday, 1 April 2016

Scapa Skiren

Scapa Skiren

Official bottling
Single malt - Islands
Golden yellow
40% ABV

Nose: Peaches, plums, bananas, orange peel, pineapples, hints of mango. 
Mouthfeel: Light body, loose, watery, airy. 
Tasting:  Sweet sour. Peaches, creamed coconut, mangoes, oranges, hints of lemon zest. 
Finish: Short. Cardamom, mangoes, creamed coconut, pineapples. 


Fruity and light, the mango notes really come to the fore here. They're a little overpowering though, and it's hard work to discern the other notes hiding behind them. This is decent whisky for its price, which I suppose is fair enough, but it tastes a little... slapdash?


Not bad.

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