Saturday, 27 June 2015

Mackmyra Special 08 Handplockat

Mackmyra Special 08 Handplockat

Official bottling
Single malt - Gastrikland
Gold, tinge of copper
46% ABV

Nose: Raisins, orange peel, fresh cut grass, lemon thyme, camphor, hints of black tea. 
Mouthfeel: Light body, loosens, slippery, tingly. 
Tasting: Bitter sour. Orange peel, peaches, vanilla, camphor, fresh cut grass, juniper berry, hints of cinnamon. 
Finish: Long. Baking bread, vanilla, juniper berry, orange peel, hints of peaches, hints of lemon thyme. 


Matured in a Sauternes cask, as the label says. This one is floral and herbal on the nose, but once it gets on the tongue, it turns to fruit and fruit peel, with a slight bitter floral note that I identify as juniper berry. That stays with the whisky all the way to the finish. It's an unusual whisky, this one, I'm still tasting a very faint hint of peach and lemon thyme after 20 minutes.


I like this a lot.

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