Thursday, 6 May 2010

SMWS 84.12 (Glendullan 12 yo 1997/2010)

SMWS 84.12 (Glendullan 12 yo 1997/2010)

2010, SMWS

Single malt - Speyside
Pale gold
59.2% ABV

Nose: White grapes, jasmine, grass, peaches, vanilla, butterscotch, hints of elderflower. With water, less fruity and sweeter, cereally and cakey, lots of vanilla and butterscotch.
Mouthfeel: Light body, volatile, loose, ethereal.
Sweet sour. White grapes, raisins, grass, jasmine, elderflower, butter, hints of peaches, hints of black tea. With water, sweeter, vanilla, butterscotch, sponge cake.
Long. Peaches, white grapes, jasmine, chillies.


Fragrant and delightful, relaxing and fun to drink. I drank this whisky while feeling slightly stressed out and down, but cheered up quickly! Fruity and delicate, yet complex.


I like this.

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