Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Rowan's Creek 13 yo 1989/2002

Rowan's Creek 13 yo 1989/2002


Single bourbon - Kentucky

Dark amber

50.05% ABV

Nose: Brown paper, bananas, cream, strawberries, pears, magic marker, hints of pine.
Heavy body, tingly, thickens, mouth coating.
Sweet. Brown paper, cream, strawberries, chillies, pine, red wine, hints of mint.
Long. Walnut skins, red wine, mint, chillies.


I've a slight suspicion that this wasn't distilled at the Willett distillery, and instead was just bottled by the Kentucky Distillers' Co, but I can't confirm that. Nevertheless, they've produced a very sherry-sweet, brandy-rich bourbon. Loaded with hints of strawberries and pears, winey richness and lots of spice, especially in the finish. The bottle says 12 years old, but the distilling date and the bottling date are definitely 13 years apart.


I like this a lot.

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