Friday, 30 April 2010

Scapa 16 yo 1993/2009

Scapa 16 yo 1993/2009

Distillery Labels, Gordon & Macphail

Single malt - Islands
Pale green gold
40% ABV

Nose: Peanuts, malty beer, leather, cooked rice, raisins, hints of fried onions.
Light body, watery, loose, airy.
Tasting: Salty sour. Grapefruit, leather, lemons, malty beer, cooked rice, chocolate, hints of fried onions.
Short. Grapefruit, cooked rice, lemons, malty beer.


Quite salty and tart, loose and light. I think this whisky would have been better bottled at a higher strength. It's got a nice bitter sour grapefruity note that is quite refreshing. Excellent on ice, but you have to drink it quick - it doesn't dilute well.


I like this.

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