Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Alberta Rye Dark Batch

Alberta Rye Dark Batch

Official bottling
Single rye - Alberta
Amber, tinge of purple
45% ABV

Nose: Red grapes, toffee, cinnamon, lohan fruit, charcoal, cotton candy. 
Mouthfeel: Medium body, slippery, cool, loosens. 
Tasting: Sweet. Red grapes, lohan fruit, charcoal, prunes, black tea, hints of cotton candy. 
Finish: Medium. Vanilla, red grapes, black tea, leather, prunes. 


OK, Canadian whiskey is weird. This is rye spirit distilled at Alberta Distillers in Calgary, but it's adulterated with some bourbon and a little sherry. But it's still 91% single rye, honest. It's fruity and dark, with a cooked, slightly charred note that I interpret as the herbal lohan fruit soup I used to get as a child. Nice stuff.


I like this.

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