Friday, 24 June 2016

Lagavulin 8 yo 200th Anniversary Release

Lagavulin 8 yo 200th Anniversary Release

Official bottling
Single malt - Islay
Very pale green
48% ABV

Nose: Smoke, malted grains, lemon zest, golden syrup, hints of cinnamon. 
Mouthfeel: Light body, slippery, loose, turns watery. 
Tasting:  Bitter sour. Smoke, pea, wood ash, cinnamon, apples. 
Finish: Short. Apples, cinnamon, wood ash, smoke. 


Big and bold, plenty of heft. It's young whisky, it's not very complex, and by God it smacks you in the mouth when you drink it. Not too oily like other Lagavulins, instead it's a big heaping pile of wood ash, wreathed with apples and cinnamon.


I like this a lot.

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