Friday, 27 May 2016

Ben Nevis 23 yo 1991/2015

Ben Nevis 23 yo 1991/2015

Cask Strength, Signatory
Single malt - West Highlands
56.3% ABV

Nose: Raisins, orange peel, marzipan, yoghurt, vanilla, hints of red grapes. With water, fried eggs, black pepper, orange juice. 
Mouthfeel: Heavy body, sticky, chewy. 
Tasting:  Sweet. Dried persimmons, marzipan, red grapes, orange peel, hints of fried eggs. With water, yoghurt, cream, orange juice, black pepper. 
Finish: Long. Brown paper, dried persimmons, fried eggs, orange peel. 


This is sweet neat, dried persimmons, marzipan, plenty of jammy, baked notes. With water it opens up beautifully, becoming ever so savoury, with a hint of rubbery, slightly sulphury fried eggs. I've tasted this note in Ben Nevis before, and it's certainly very distinctive.


I like this.

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