Thursday, 26 November 2015

SMWS 42.16 (Ledaig 9 yo 2005/2015)

SMWS 42.16 (Ledaig 9 yo 2005/2015)

2015, SMWS
Single malt - Islands
Pale silver
59.6% ABV

Nose: Blue cheese, peat, leather, balsamic vinegar, lemons, wet leaves, hints of potato. With water, cream, golden syrup, hints of orange juice. 
Mouthfeel: Medium body, expands, turns watery, loose. 
Tasting:  Salty sour. Blue cheese, lemons, boiled potatoes, new plastic, hints of smoked haddock. With water, sweeter, cream, peat, hints of oranges. 
Finish: Long. Leather, peat, lemons, cream, hints of golden syrup. 


Wow, this is pretty unique. Blue cheese and leather, leavened with lemons, boiled potato and hints of smoked fish, when neat. With water, it smooths out a little, with the sour notes softening from vinegar to orange juice, and the peat hits. I'm in two minds about this whisky, but it's certainly an experience.


Not bad.

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