Friday, 30 October 2015

SMWS 4.211 (Highland Park 24 yo 1991/2015)

SMWS 4.211 (Highland Park 24 yo 1991/2015)

2015, SMWS
Single malt - Islands
Pale tea
52.2% ABV

Nose: Leather, wood smoke, soy sauce, raisins, bacon, hints of tarry ropes. 
Mouthfeel: Medium body, expands, loose, mouth coating. 
Tasting:  Bitter. Leather, bacon, smoke, soy sauce, hints of raisins, hints of malted grains. 
Finish: Long. Peat, smoke, tarry ropes, bacon, hints of raisins. 


I would never have guessed that this is Highland Park. It tastes more like Caol Ila (soy sauce note) but much more meaty than a Caol Ila is. There's plenty of bacon and tar in this, reminded me of the old smoking days (pre-family, pre-girlfriend even) sitting in a greasy spoon have a fag while munching on a bacon sarnie.


I like this.

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