Friday, 4 September 2015

SMWS 58.16 (Strathisla 9 yo 2006/2015)

SMWS 58.16 (Strathisla 9 yo 2006/2015)

2015, SMWS
Single malt - Speyside
59.4% ABV

Nose: Roses, vanilla, white grapes, soy milk, yoghurt, hints of white chocolate. With water, more white grapes, mint, lemon peel. 
Mouthfeel: Medium body, thickens, turns chewy, turns syrupy. 
Tasting:  Bitter sour. White grapes, oats, soy milk, yoghurt, hints of roses, hints of green tea. With water, salty, salt caramel, chillies, yoghurt. 
Finish: Long. Yoghurt, white chocolate, oats, hints of green tea. 


Slightly odd whisky again. It's floral, yet cereally, with a slightly fermented flavour that I interpret as soy milk and yoghurt. Upon adding water, it opens up, smelling more herbal and fruity, and salty on the tongue. Like I said, odd.


I like this.

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