Monday, 9 February 2015

Rocktown Young Bourbon

Rocktown Young Bourbon

Official bottling
Single bourbon - Arkansas
46% ABV

Nose: Bananas, honey, toast, rope, coconut, milk, hints of cream.
Mouthfeel: Medium body, thickens, astringent, viscous.
Tasting: Sweet sour . Honey, toast, pineapples, coconut, milk, hints of rubber bands.
Finish: Medium. Toast, rubber bands, pineapples, milk.


Boy, they weren't kidding when they said this one was young. It's only been aged about 8 months apparently, which barely qualifies it to be whisky. But my guess is that the warmer climate made it age a bit faster, and take on some more colour. It's simple and fruity, with something sulphury and rubbery at the finish (rubber bands - yes, I chewed rubber bands when I was a child...). For all that it's not unpleasant. No, in fact it's quite pleasant indeed.


I like this.

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