Saturday, 6 December 2014

Spirit of Hven Seven Stars No 1 Dubhe

Spirit of Hven Seven Stars No 1 Dubhe

Official bottling 
Single malt - Scania
Amber, tinge of green
45% ABV

Nose: Leather, hay, orange peel, fresh cut grass, sandalwood, vanilla, smoke.
Mouthfeel: Light body, thickens, turns oily, slippery.
Tasting: Bitter. Vanilla, sandalwood, orange peel, white grapes, red peppers, leather, hints of manchego cheese.
Finish: Short. Vanilla, white grapes, leather, hints of fresh cut grass.


This is the first release in the Seven Stars series from Hven distillery, on the island of the same name, in the Oresund strait between Sweden and Denmark. It's herbal and grassy, with huge notes of sandalwood and leather, on the nose. Then on the tongue, it's uncompromising and bitter, with great fruity notes and something slightly salty at the end - manchego cheese perhaps? Big hitter for a new distillery, this is really good whisky.


I like this a lot.

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