Saturday, 16 August 2014

Glenfarclas 105

Glenfarclas 105

Official bottling 
Single malt - Speyside
Amber gold
60% ABV

Nose: Bananas, raisins, sherry, strawberry jam, pears, maraschino cherries, hints of allspice. With water, cloves, ginseng, orange peel.
Mouthfeel: Medium body, thickens, static, mouth coating.
Tasting: Bitter sweet. Raisins, sherry, pears, maraschino cherries, allspice, hints of cloves. With water, more bitter, orange peel, cookie dough, vanilla.
Finish: Medium. Chillies, strawberry jam, orange peel, hints of cloves.


This is the quintessential Glenfarclas. I checked back on previous Glenfarclas tasting notes and just about every descriptor I wrote down in those is present here. It's also amazingly good value for cask strength whisky. Beautiful legs too, although it doesn't feel too thick in the mouth.


I like this a lot.

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