Tuesday, 3 August 2010

All good things come to an end...

... but not drinking whisky. Instead, this hobby will have to diminish, and not so much take a back seat as get relegated to the attic.

After 3 solid years of drinking plenty of good, great and incredible whisky, I've had to slow down quite a lot. Doctor's advice, apparently my poor liver wasn't quite up to it. Mrs Red Hare and Little Red Hare are quite keen for me to stay healthy, and they come first, of course.

So this means several things for this blog and my whisky drinking life:
  • Fewer tasting notes each month. Very many fewer.
  • More selective choices of whiskies. Eventually anyway - I have an existing sample collection to work through.
  • Dramming sessions with friends will become (no, stay!) rare. Truth be told, since Little Red Hare arrived, I've been able to dram my way through precisely one evening. But what an evening it was!
  • More than ever, I appreciate that whisky is a luxury, and life's too short to waste on bad or mediocre stuff. Henceforth if a dram or bottle doesn't meet the pleasure standard, it goes into the bin (or the kitchen shelf for cooking).
Hopefully, with these measures, I'll be able to extend enjoyment of this great hobby for a few more years. If you're reading this blog regularly (yes, all 3 of you), please be patient - I'll put up some tasting notes every month, if not quite as often as before.


Anonymous said...

Sad news but I understand..
Ilike your blog mate,take care

Dr. Whisky said...

Healthy wishes, mate. And buy a spittoon!


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