Monday, 14 June 2010

SMWS 123.5 (Glengoyne 8 yo 2001/2010)

SMWS 123.5 (Glengoyne 8 yo 2001/2010)

2010, SMWS

Single malt - South Highlands

Orange copper

60.8% ABV

Cinnamon, chocolate, plums, marmalade, peanuts, vanilla fudge, burnt sugar, hints of mint. With water, peanuts, fresh cut grass, walnuts.
Medium body, burning, hot, thickens.
Tasting: Sweet. Burnt sugar, marmalade, chocolate, cinnamon, plums, peanuts, vanilla, oak, raisins, hints of brown paper. With water, more bitter, walnuts, fresh cut grass, hints of red grapes.
Long. Fiery, plums, marmalade, cinnamon.


Matured in a port pipe - usually these are nice and sweet, with lots of flavour. Christmassy, yet light. Reminds me of the Glengoyne 17 yo official bottling, lots of dried fruit and chocolate. This one is more spicy.


I like this.

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