Monday, 6 October 2008

Auchentoshan 1973 29 yo (1973/2003)

Auchentoshan 1973 29 yo (1973/2003)

Official bottling

Single malt - Lowlands
Dark amber red
55.8% ABV

Nose: Red wine, cognac, rubber bands, black pepper, peat, apples, rose petals.
Mouthfeel: Medium body, smooth, lightens up in the mouth.
Tasting: Sweet. Cognac, red grapes, apple cider, black pepper, brown paper. With water, lots more orange notes - marmalade, orange peel, orange juice.
Finish: Long. Orange peel, watermelon.


Cask #793, sherry butt. Full on sherry monster, this one. Very like an aged Glen Grant, but lighter, very smooth, and a little more floral. Very nice fruit and black pepper in the mouth, just like eating strawberries in Italy!


I like this a lot.

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