Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Lagavulin 12 yo 1991/2004 Cask Strength

Lagavulin 12 yo 1991/2004 Cask Strength

Official bottling

Single malt - Islay
White wine
58.2% ABV

Nose: Apples, smoke, shisha tobacco, strawberry, ammonia.
Mouthfeel: Heavy body, oily, thick, unctuous.
Tasting: Sweet sour. Smoke, peat, orange peel, spiced barley, preserved lemons, vanilla, custard.
Finish: Long. Smoke, vanilla.


Wow. Lots going on here - I particularly like the shisha tobacco in the nose and the vanilla threading its way throughout the whisky. It makes the raw smoke a little less aggressive and more comfortable. Nice strength too, great when slightly diluted. There are 6 or 7 releases of this expression (I think this one is the 4th, and the strongest).


I like this a lot!

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