Saturday, 14 June 2008

Brora 24 yo 1977/2001 Rare Malts

Brora 24 yo 1977/2001 Rare Malts

Rare Malts, official bottling

Single malt - North Highlands
White wine
56.1% ABV

Nose: Raisins, peat, cream cheese, honey, figs, orange peel, hint of smoke.
Mouthfeel: Heavy body, syrupy, thickens in the mouth.
Tasting: Sweet. Musty cupboard, preserved lemons, oak, peat, dried apricots.
Finish: Long. Warm, cayenne pepper, fig jam.


The restaurant dropped an ice cube in my dram before I could tell them no! I managed to fish it out in time though. Good fruit, and when I added water more savoury notes appeared. Great spicy finish. Oh why oh why did they close this distillery?!


I like this a lot!

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