Thursday, 10 April 2008

Glen Grant 30 yo 1976/2007

Glen Grant 30 yo 1976/2007

Old Malt Cask, Douglas Laing
Single malt - Speyside
50% ABV

Nose: Sweet sherry, walnuts, oak, raisins and malt. Hints of blackberry and cherry.
Mouthfeel: Medium body, syrupy, a little astringent. Great drinking strength!
Tasting: Sweet. Raisins, cherries, oak and beer. Tastes almost exactly like a cognac. Hints of "rubber band", an astringent sharp taste that all brandies have.
Long. White wine, dry and cooling. Fades to malty beer - the cognac is gone.


I'm so very lucky to have a bottle of this! It's a great birthday present from the Pretty Lady. Excellent whisky, virtually a cognac - the sherry casks really did its job well here. It's the equal of any brandy I've ever had, and then some. I'll miss this bottle when it's gone.


I like this a lot!

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